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    Petchkin griefed me and Coketm's clubhouse.


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    Petchkin griefed me and Coketm's clubhouse.

    Post by WSL on Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:20 pm

    We said that he couldn't join because it's all about just us and it's alot of stuff that references a different game and he wouldn't get it.
    But then he said he was gonna build a mansion around it.
    And he dug down into it and destroyed Coketm's glowstone and replaced it with cobblestone.
    We removed his hut and he yelled at us that we griefed him when really we were removing his stuff from our property because we told him not to build on out stuff.
    He's been annoying and tunneled into my house before when we lived as neighbors and he wouldn't stop then and I'm
    worried he won't be stopped unless an admin or mod stops him themself.

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