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    PVP ARENA!!!


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    PVP ARENA!!!

    Post by pancake_soup

    Me, Minecraftguy65 and some other people have made the servers PVP arena. All we need is a time in witch we will have the games. and we also need fighters and coaches. The rules for the PVP arena are:

    1: NO BREAKING THE GLASS BOX, any other block is fine.


    3: NO GOD MODE

    4: NO FLYING

    5: NO SPAWNING/SPAWNED ITEMS, Items and armor a provided.


    The warps are

    Warp/ PVPviewing

    Warp/ RedSpawn

    Warp/ BlueSpawn

    P.S Spawns are blocked off until the games are held. the viewing however, is not, so feel free to check it out.

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    Post on Tue Jan 03, 2012 12:15 am by dillyo.0012

    to anyone just reading this we have started to make a new world due to that though out the testing we see that the whole place gets destroyed. SO in making this world we wont have to spend the time to rebuild it all, oh and this will be a fairly big project and may take some time to build. happy hunting Wink . -Dillyo

    Post on Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:06 am by Tazanator77

    Taz Here, Yeah i love the idea of a pvp arena and you should move along the concept of having anual events for the fights.. Advertise on the server for set dates soo that other players are attracted to come see, add a reward for the winning team so that more players are encouraged to participate rather than watch. Having a powered Fighting arena will most likely Attract players from else where looking for some Controlled pvp Fun. Thanks For Reading. - Taz Peace geek

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