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    (Please Read Ops)


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    (Please Read Ops)

    Post by Desinix on Thu Oct 11, 2012 4:26 pm

    (Not trying to rant here, even though it kind of sounds like it.)

    Hi to whoever stumbles upon this,

    Myself and others like myself may have thought of creating a new rank for members who have been dedicated to this server for at least a year. I am simply speaking out for myself and others. I, like many others, are tired of 'server noobs' coming to the server and stealing away ranks just because they are one of the lucky ones who have been noticed for skills and granted such ranks. Who do you honestly think deserves a higher rank: Someone who has been dedicated and patient to the server for a year and/or more and strives to help the server or others in anyway, or someone that has been on the server for a day and has a bit more knowledge about a video game? I am posting this in order to help any ops realize how most yearly members feel about being neglected and thrown away. And yes people, Minecraft is just a video game. But video games are created for entertainment and myself, like many others, aren't getting the experience of playing on this server as they used to; seeing "im bored" in the chat box constantly is evidence of that. I hate speaking for myself here but I, for one, love to help others. Especially doing something I love- Minecraft. I'm sure there's many others like me on this server too that want nothing but to help the server as much as they can, but, more importantly, to help our fellow members too. In other words: Think of the server's dedicated members for ranks, not new people who either claim to be experts or who are higher ranks on multiple other servers. Give the more dedicated a chance to change and help the server and maybe help them stand out more with a more appropriate rank title. Thank you for reading.


    (All those people that this post applies to.)



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    Re: (Please Read Ops)

    Post by gruenberger99 on Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:03 pm

    I for one agree being one of those people untill last month. Im really hoping they make a rank suck as VIP for people who have been on for over a year and are really dedicated to this server.

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