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    [IMPORTANT] New Rules (involves Warps, Ranks, Competitions)




    [IMPORTANT] New Rules (involves Warps, Ranks, Competitions)

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    New rules will be implemented in to the server on July 17th, 2011.

    Odium's MineCraft will be renovating the way we do things, big time. Read on to find out, it's important you do (we don't like being bombarded with the same questions over and over). It covers things like becoming Trusted, becoming Architect and getting Warps to locations.


    Rank requirement for warps: [Trusted]

    All current warps will be lost, the new system requires a city of at least 3 inhabited buildings and more room for extra plots. Once you have this, and you're [Trusted] you'll become eligible to purchase a slot on the Warp Board for 20k.

    You can choose the name and location (to the block). Now you can "/warp [warp_name]" to your location or access it manually at the board.

    And remember, all existing player owned warps will be deleted after the change.


    In order to become [Trusted] now, you have to register here (which you have, I assume) and reach 100 points, you gain points by being active on the forums. One you do, we'll verify, check if you didn't just spam your way up and then we'll rank you up, or not rank respectively.

    And the big one....

    Must be [Trusted] to enter.

    Every week, Shodex will be hosting one Architect Contest! It'll be run every Friday at 9:00PM EST. Building runs for exactly 1 hour.

    Only four people can join, entries are first come first serve.

    Contest Rules:
    1.) You are restricted to building in your plot, if you leave, you're disqualified.

    2.) Everyone has the same amount of resources, these change every week depending on the theme.

    3.) You're given a theme and must stick to it. It could be a castle, pixel art, a barn or material specific buildings (like planks only).

    4.) Only one contestant wins, winners are voted upon by 3 judges. Judges must be are the losers from the previous week.

    5.) Winners get to be [Architect]!

    This is the plot:

    That's all for now, have fun!

    Love, Shodex
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    Post on Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:07 am by marinesleep

    lol pig and can i enter the architect caontest on friday and manye can you do it 5 housrs earlyer please because im in uk thanks if you do Smile

    Post on Tue Jul 26, 2011 9:52 pm by Guest

    Details are in Architect Contest III.

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