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    Gruenberger99's Admin Application


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    Gruenberger99's Admin Application

    Post by gruenberger99 on Sun Dec 09, 2012 12:08 am

    Real name:Austin Gruenberg

    Exact In-game name:(The Name You Log-in with)Gruenberger99




    Do You Have A Mic? I bought one on amazon but it hasnt come in yet

    How often are you online?Every day 2-7 hours.

    How long have you been on 0dium's Minecraft Server? 1 year and 4 months now Very Happy

    Why do you want to apply for this position?
    I want to be able to help with the server more and be more trusted. Also I see there isnt very many admins that come on anymore so i hope to be a more active admin to help the server running smoothly Smile

    Why do you deserve the rank you're applying for? Well Ive been on the server for over a year and im always nice to everyone. I really want to be able to help people with fixing griefs and banning the griefers and helping build in the Role PLay world and spawn.

    How well do you know other players/the community?Very well an I try to learn all of the newcomers.

    Name two current Admins or Moderators that would vouch for you: Bobthedemon and Circulations

    Have you ever griefed or been banned from a server? No and I never will

    Have you ever held any staff positions before on any other servers? Well im mod on this server currently and i owned my own server for 2 years.

    What are some special things you have done in the World of Minecraft? in reality?
    Well i play basketball and we got 2nd in the state tournament last year. Basketball And ive built towns in past updates of minecraft and I just finished building one with NoS
    Have you read the rules?
    Yes and i will help enforce them.

    Thank You for Reading My Application and have a Merry Christmas! santa

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